How to open a client and what are system change options?

Opening a client means we are allowing custom settings of certain objects. We have to select the suitable option according to the requirement.
The following list gives a brief description of what each option allows:

Changes and transports for client-specific objects:
  • Changes without automatic recording: Customizing settings of the clients are permitted and the changes are not automatically recorded in transports.
  • Automatic recording of changes: Customizing settings of the clients are permitted and the changes are automatically recorded in a change request.
  • No changes allowed: This means client is locked and you cannot change anything in the client, but customizing settings can be exported to a change request.
  • Changes without automatic recording, no transport allowed:Neither we can change the client nor we can record anything in a change request.

Cross client object changes:

With the help of this option we can decide which client can change cross client customizing changes and which should not.
  • Changes to repository and cross client customizing allowed: No restriction in maintaining the cross client objects.
  • No changes to cross-client customizing objects:Cross-client customizing objects cannot be maintained in the client.
  • No changes to repository objects: Repository objects cannot be maintained in the client.
  • No changes to repository objects and cross client customizing objects: Neither cross client customizing nor repository objects can be maintained in the client.

Client copy and comparison settings
  • Protection level 0: No restriction
    The client option Protection regarding client copy and client comparison can be set to prevent a client from being overwritten by the client copy or client compare and client adjustment.
  • Protection level 1: No overwriting
    This protection level ensures that the client cannot be overwritten by the client copy program.
  • Protection level 2: No overwriting and no external availability
    This protection level also protects the client against overwriting and against read access from another client during a client copy or customizing comparison.

System change option defines whether we can modify Repository objects and client independent customizing objects or not.
We can specify whether each software component or namespace can be modified.
For the software components, there are four different possible settings:
  • Modifiable
  •  Restricted modifiability (can only create objects as non-originals)
  • Not modifiable; enhanceable only (changes not allowed; objects can be enhanced using the Enhancement Framework only)
  • Not modifiable; not enhanceable (changes and enhancements not allowed)

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