ST03G configuration in Solman

As a Basis admin in all the support projects we have to generate KPI report.This KPI Report is sent to client.For generating KPI report we collect ST03(Workload Monitor) data on daily basis from all the production and critical systems.This lengthy and monotonous process can be eradicated by one simple best practice which Solution Manager system offers us.

ST03G (Global Workload Monitor ) is a functionality which can be easily configured in Solution Manager system and is quite helpful to bolster your work performance.

Steps to configure ST03G:

  1. Login to Solman system with user having authorization for workload monitor.
  2. Go to tcode ST03G.
  3. On the left side go to Settings & Log and then double click on System Selection.


            4. Go to Systems and click on All.


            5. Click on Deactivate All.


            6. Select the systems which you want to add in your view and also mention the rfc in Mon. Sys. Destination and then click on Apply. Typically we give SM* rfc’s which are auto created whenever we add any system to Solution Manager system.


            7. After this you would be able to see selected production systems in your ST03G view and you can take out data from Solution Manager directly instead of logging into individual systems.


NOTE: This is a one time activity and for each user you have to do it only once.

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