What has changed in NetWeaver 7.3 from Basis Prospective I

  1. In Process integration system Java only adapter engine is now available eliminating the use of Dual stack PI system.
  2. We can eliminate the hardware requirement with the use of common deployment option for JAVA usage types, including Enterprise Portal, Composition Environment and SAP NetWeaver BW.
  3. It uses less memory as compared to previous versions
  4. Starting from SAP NetWeaver 7.3 naming convention has changed. Central instance and Dialog instance are no more available instead application server instances are installed as Primary Application Server instance (PAS) or Additional Application Server instance (AAS) or Central Services instances(Consisting of Message Server and Enqueue service) or Database instance.
  5. ABAP Central Services (ASCS): This instance is now installed with every ABAP system installation with 3 options:

    A. Standard System    B. Distributed System   C.  High Availability System(Mandatory)

    Same type of procedure is followed in
    SCS installation. Apart from this we get an
    option for ERS (Enqueue Replication Server) installation along with ASCS and SCS installation.

  6. We can now split-off the ASCS (Central Services instance for ABAP) instance from Primary application server i.e. central services (Message Server and Enqueue service) are present in ASCS instance and other work processes along with dispatcher is present in Primary Application Server.
  7. Solution Manager Key is not required now for installation after NW 7.3.
  8. Start Profile merged with Instance profile, so now we just have two profiles i.e. Default Profile and Instance Profile. At the time of start-up only start parameters are read from instance profile.
  9. In our earlier installation of SAP jdk or sapjvm was needed to be installed before we start with SWPM. But with NetWeaver 7.3 it’s not needed any more. SWPM will install required sapjvm6 on its own, though you can provide the path of latest version of sapjvm6 downloaded from service market place.
    Benefits of sapjvm
    : The SAP JVM provides comprehensive statistics about threads, memory consumptions, garbage collections and I/O activities. This information is visualized in the monitoring and management tools provided with the SAP NetWeaver Application Server Java. For solving issues with SAP JVM, several traces may be enabled on demand. They provide additional information

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