What has changed in NetWeaver 7.3 from Basis Prospective II

  1. SUM (Software Upgrade Manager): SUM is a multi-purpose tool which is used for installing enhancement packages and upgrade support packs. SAPehpi 7.10 is replaced by SUM. Use Software Update Manager 1.0 SP02 for the following processes.
    Upgrading to SAP NetWeaver 7.3
    Applying Support Packages StacksInstalling enhancement packages 
    Install SUM
    SAPCAR -xvf /<directory>/SUM10SP02_9-20006543.SAR -R /usr/sap/<SAPSID>
    Start SUM
    With sid<adm> on Primary Application Server> /usr/sap/<SID>/SUM/sdt/exe/DSUGui

  2. After NetWeaver 7.3 AS Java is now following latest security standards like SAML 2.0.CUA (Central User Administration) is now IDM (Identity Management) but then also NW 7.3 supports CUA.
  3. Dynamically changeable parameters are increased such that we can minimise the downtime of any SAP system.
  4. Since NetWeaver 7.0 Ehp 1, we can increase total number of work processes without restarting SAP system, its different than what we do through RZ04. 
  5. NW7.3 has got the additional option of Soft Shutdown of ABAP. There are various option possible with help of these parameters.
  • rdisp/shutdown/disable_gui_login – This parameter will suppress GUI logons during the shutdown. This applies irrespective of user roles or authorization.
  • rdisp/shutdown/gui_auto_logout – Defines the period for which dialog users can be     inactive during the kernel shutdown, before they are automatically logged off. If greater value than 0 will be used, the maximum wait time is calculated from the minimum of the parameters rdisp/gui_auto_logout and rdisp/shutdown/gui_auto_logout.
  • rdisp/shutdown/idle_wp_timeout – How long the kernel shutdown waits for all work processes to be in the status “waiting”.
  • rdisp/shutdown/message_frequency How frequently dialog users are requested to log off during the server shutdown.
  • rdisp/shutdown/j2ee_timeout – How long the kernel shutdown waits for the AS Java (JEE Engine) to shutdown.
  • rdisp/shutdown/load_balance_wait_time – How long the kernel shutdown waits for the server to be deleted from the load balance information. During this time, all requests can continue to be processed.
  • rdisp/shutdown/abap_trigger_timeout – Defines how long the kernel shutdown waits for the shutdown trigger to be read by the Auto ABAP.

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