What has changed in NetWeaver 7.3 from Basis Prospective III

STRUSTSSO2 is no longer required:

From NW 7.3 we have central certificate management SSO2 Wizard which is a very efficient way of managing certificates. In this method we don’t have to export and import certificates we can get the certificates by querying theTrusted Systems.

SSO2 Wizard was introduced for AS Java 640: SP21 & for AS Java 700: SP14 that can be accessed through URL
If you are having older SP levels than the mentioned above then you can deploy it from SAP Note 1083421 – SSO2 Wizard
It will prompt you for searching system from SLD, you can select it from SLD list.
Select the system type, for example I am selecting JAVA.
Fill the hostname or IP, Port number like 5NN00 where NN is instance number and Click Next
Wizard will automatically pull the certificate along with the information like Client number when you will click on Finish, the certificate from this new system will be applied to SID shown on the top, like the arrow mark.
The process is just the same in case of ABAP system.
If we need to apply certificates into some Java/ABAP system then we can use the below method.
Notice the new button “Connect to Remote System” this button was not there in older versions
Let’s say I want to jump to any Java system in which I want to apply SSO certificates, no matter what version of Java that would be, fill in required valuesand Click OK
The highlighted arrow shows in which system we are logged in, this process is also same for ABAP system.
2.     With the release of NetWeaver 7.3 SAP applications are available on cloud. For example:
SAP Enterprise Portal 7.3
SAP BW NetWeaver 7.3
SAP PI NetWeaver 7.3
3.     While starting JSPM(Java Support Package Manager) we just need Java Admin User ID and password and SDM password is not required.
4.     SDM is replaced with JSPM and directory SDM is altogether removed.
5.     All the options present in Visual admin can be accessed through NWA (NetWeaver Administrator).

6.      For a Support Pack Stack the release level of BW component was generally 2 release ahead of the ABAP and Basis component. Now all components are released on same level.

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