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The growing technology has decreased the size of the computer and laptops to mere smartphones and tablets but there is no doubt that laptops have their own importance and market. Though smartphone and tablets promises a lot of things but they fail to deliver as expected. From very high end processors to multimedia keyboards, big screens or high performance, each and every requirement flourished by laptops.
With growing competition in market the consumer has vivid variety of products and hardware to choose from which often makes it difficult for them to decide which laptop they should invest upon and we get dubious between the availability and requirement.
Thus it’s very important to understand for you to decide the purpose for which the laptop is required. The specification by which you can decide an accurate laptop depends on various factors. Why you need a laptop? This question you must first answer to yourself before looking for laptop and taking decision for the same. Laptop requirement means the way you will use your laptop i.e. from light browsing purpose, light gaming to high end gaming or for creating high graphics animations and videos. This is very important as your hardware and budget is dependent on purpose of your usage.

Light Browsing  and Presentation Laptop Specification

 For this category the laptop must have at least Intel i3 core processor/AMD series with 2GB of RAM and 320GB of hard disk with display screen size can vary from 12 to 13.9 inch. These laptop generally should have at least 3MB of cache memory(Remember more the cache memory better it is.). No external graphics card is required for this category. Companies like HP, Toshiba and HCL provide good low range laptops. The cost of such laptops varies from INR 15000 to 30000. If you go by brand name Apple MacBook Air which cost around 65000 will be included in this category.  These category laptop is generally used by writers and low-end users whose prime purpose is to surf internet and do small scale work etc. HD display and durable keyboard adds value to this class of laptops.

Gaming Laptop Specification: 
This category of laptop varies from low end to very high end gaming.
Low end gaming Laptop: The laptop must have Intel i5 (4th generation) processor for low end gaming and 4GB of RAM at least with external graphics card which may vary from 512MB to 1GB. The low end graphics card of AMD and Nvidia are preferred generally. HP and Dell laptops are mostly preferred for their best customer service and high performance. ASUS with ice cool technology is rated amongst the top. The price range varies from 35000 to 60000. These laptop are generally for college students who love gaming. Traditional Notebook have similar hardware configuration.

High end Gaming Laptop: The laptop must have minimum Intel i7 dual core to quad core processor and 16GB to 24GB of RAM with very high end graphics card ranging from 4GB to 16GB of Nvidia 900 series(recommended) and 320GB of Solid State drive and 1Tb of hard drive. This laptop must have at least 20MB of cache memory. Alienware series of Dell is the most famous laptop gaming series. It starts from 70000 and till 200000 rupees. These laptops are mainly for hard-core gamers.

Creativity and Animations Specification.
 This laptop category is for the animations and used mainly by the film industry for creating and editing videos. This requires a heavy hardware just like the gaming one but with excellent graphics card. The minimum processor is Intel i7 and 16GB of RAM with preferred graphics card of high end AMD series varies from 8GB to 16GB.High screen resolution is required for these type of laptops to include fine details on screen. The range starts from 150000 to 450000 rupees as per requirement. MacBook Pro of Apple is preferred by the industry in this category.

Others Important aspects to look for

Battery Life: The battery life is most important factor in buying a laptop. Battery backup should be a important factor for users. Generally based on hardware configuration, battery of all laptop varies from 9 hours for light browsing laptops and 3 hours for high is preferred end gaming laptop.

Screen size and resolution: The screen depends on the needs of the user. For reading, editing text and presentation the screen size from 12 to 14 inch while for gaming and animation screen size vary from 15 to 19 inch. The resolution depends similarly on the category in which laptop lies it can vary from normal to retina display of Apple. The screen size  generally depends from user to user, on average 13 inch screen size is preferrable.

Operating Systems: The operating system is also user dependent. The operating system choice also depends on the hardware. Like the Mac OS would only work on Apple devices. For Microsoft Windows minimum requirement should be met. Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Apple Mac Yosemite and Linux(Ubuntu) are some of the popular choices among people. Generally windows is preferred for gaming while Mac OS and Linux for business and security purposes.

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Hope this helps you to buy a good laptop. Also find our buying Guide for Mobile and Headphones.

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