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Mobile phone is more than a gadget today; it not only used for communication but redefines your personality and standard. Everyone wants phone that fits his/her budget without compromising the budget and updated technology features that are available in the market. I suggest to you to visit the recent store get feel of the mobile phone which you are thinking to buy or if you are in dubious about which handset to choose.
Based on functioning, size and performance phone have been divided among three basic categories: Basic phones which includes features of simple messaging and calling functionalities. Due to limited functionalities these phone have long battery backup and better network reception. The phones like Nokia 1100 comes under this category. These phones are primary used along with smartphones.
Smartphone and Phablets are the other categories which are attracting the consumers today and have increased the mobile phone market by almost fifty percent. Smartphones comes with OS like android, iOS and Microsoft’s Windows. The smartphones and Phablets are like mini laptops or computers with smaller screen and they are competing with pc and laptops in terms of performance and processing.
The major things to consider while making a mobile selection are listed below. So know your needs and then make the right choice:
Screen size:
·        Large: These are more than 4.7 inches and are for people who enjoy videos and other things that require a large screen. They are almost like tablets and comes under category of phablets. However, for some people they are uncomfortable while operating.
·       Medium: With screen sizes from 4 inches to 4.7 inches, this is the ideal size of a smartphone. You can easily operate with one hand while your thumb can reach every corner of the phone.
·        Small: Size of this type of phones is less than 4 inches. This is less preferred these days but some people like it because of portability and because it easily fits in their pockets.
Processor: The processor is the heart of any phone. A good processor means easy flipping through the menus and hassle-free navigation through home screens. The power of a processor was traditionally measured in GHz but nowadays its number of computing cores measures it. An octa core processor will give better performance while a quad core a better battery life.
Memory(RAM): Processor and memory go hand in hand. RAM basically measures the ability to multitask. You should go for at least 2 GB RAM but if you are an avid gamer, you might need more. If you are looking to buy a high performance smartphone you will need more RAM because most of apps run in the background.
Camera: There is a huge misconception among people that the more the megapixel count, the better. Well, this is not always true. Equally important is the quality of the lens, the shutter speed for minimum shutter lag, performance in low light and a higher optical zoom. So even if the megapixel count is average and the other specs are good, go for that one. Also, if your phone is your primary photography device, look out for LED Flash, 3D capture, Burst mode and Panorama mode. These days front camera has also become quite evident because of the Selfie Age. So if you are a selfie lover then make sure that it has front flash and the front camera is decent enough to capture the delicate selfie moments.
Battery: Battery life is the most overlooked feature in phones. If you are not looking to charge your phone every 5-6 hours, you should consider a phone with a battery life of around 1700 mAh to 3500 mAh.More powerful battery would lead to heavier phones.
Resolution: If reading, gaming, watching videos and browsing is among your top needs, you should consider a phone with a good resolution, preferably 720p. Full HD phones are also available in the market with a resolution of 1080p. Some of the Apple recent products are powered with retina display, which gives better pictures with the naked eye. However, the resolution choice is totally dependent on preference. Higher resolution means higher price range for the phones.
Operating System: There are mainly four types of OS available: Android, iOS, Windows and Blackberry. Android and iOS are the market leaders while Windows is catching up but its app store is only one-fifth of android’s play store. Windows offers MS Office and Outlook integration. Android being an open source technology is rapidly growing while iOS provides intuitive technology and has the largest app store.
Storage: If you think that the internal memory will be sufficient, you are wrong. With so much social media and its integration with mobile phones, it is better to have the maximum storage that fits your budget. Also, do remember to synchronize your media to cloud in case you need more memory. If supported by the device, take an external memory card too. Internal memory for android phones must be large so that it can process fast and efficiently. Minimum internal memory recommended is 8 GB.
NFC: Near field communication is a new technology in which you can transfer things just by tapping. This technology is used in Google Wallet mobile payments and Android beam. Also, the communication with speakers and headphones is better, faster and easier.
Wireless charging: This feature is available in Motorola’s fresh droids and in Samsung phones
Bluetooth 4: Bluetooth 4 provides transfers at unbelievable speeds and can also be used in wireless stereo headsets and in fitness trackers.
Service Providers: This is a long-term commitment to a service provider. In India, Airtel and Vodafone provide service commitment but do not provide hardware for free like in other countries. Apple iPhone is the only phone that is given on contract basis. It means the user is bound to use the service for some particular years and after that can change service provider. During the contract, the service provider gives some cheap plans to users.
This is a comprehensive guide to buy a mobile phone. But it is highly suggested that after doing thorough research, you should visit different stores and get a feel of different phones in your hands.

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