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When we think about peace and isolation from the atrocities of life first thing which comes to our mind is music. Music is an art and is relished portably through a nice set of headphones. But you don’t have to be an artist for choosing your pair of headphones. I can’t say that by reading the specifications written on the box or on any ecommerce website are sufficient for buying headphones, but yes an educated and intelligent buyer never incurs loss on himself.
So first of all I would like to tell you about the types of headphones:
In-the-ear Headphones/Earphones: If you are looking for portability in headphones i.e. those headphones which you can easily carry in your pockets and listen to music while you are outside house then it will be the best choice. They easily fit in your pockets and ears to give you optimum comfort.
Over-the-ear Headphones: If you are concerned about the best in class sound quality and reliability then nothing can beat full size headphones. Although they are bit clumsy as you have to carry them around your neck and sometimes the cords attached to it are very thick but the sound quality is incomparable.
Ear Pad Headphones: They cover half the ear and gives a very comfortable experience. But generally lacks the noise cancellation feature (discussed later).
Amongst these three categories manufactures give many features but most prominent of them are the below three:

Noise Cancellation: Noise cancelling headphones plays only the sound of music you are listening to and in a way cancelling all the other outside sounds. This helps the listener to side-line himself and relish only the music. Over hear headphones has the best choice for noise cancelling ability.

Noise Isolation: There is huge difference in functionality of noise cancellation and noise isolation headphones. Noise isolation phenomena basically creates vacuum in your ears in a way blocking all the outside sound and thus providing an isolated experience.
Wireless Headphones: A Bliss for all the fitness freaks since while using these headphones you are free from hefty cords which increases hassle while you are exercising. Wireless headphones works through Bluetooth.

Coming straight to the point :P, Basically there are 4-5 said unsaid specifications which decides the quality of any headphones.

Frequency Response: Typically, you will see these sort of numbers 60hz-25khz, or 15hz-20khz written on the box of your headphones. Basically frequency is measured in hertz and in layman language lower the hertz more will be bass and higher this hertz more will be the treble. End limit of this frequency range doesn’t matter since our ears cannot hear sound greater than 25 khz. Now as a buyer you have to make a choice for the amount of bass you need in your headphones.

Sensitivity:  This factor has a deep linkage with your ears. Sensitivity is measured in decibels and sound pressure levels (dbSPL).0dB would be the lowest audible sound or we can simply say no sound and sound above 85dB can cause permanent hearing loss. So you have to be very cautious with the sound levels since listening to loud music can slowly and steadily damage your ears and it can make you deaf at a very younger age of your life. You should always use some Volume limiting headphones which could help in restraining the sounds.

 Impedance:  Sound is created through vibrations made by the electricity in our headphones. Electricity has its own vibrational frequency which creates hiss sound. To eliminate this weed out of flower we have an impedance factor. Higher the impedance i.e. higher the ohm power written in specifications clearer will be the sound. Although clarity of music is directly proportional to cost but it’s one of the most important factors for you to buy a nice headphones.

Drivers: This factor bolster the strength of over-head-headphones over earphones. Size of headphones allows drivers of optimal size to be placed inside the headphones. In some high end earphones also we have drivers installed but they do not give over-ear-headphone like rich quality. Drivers control the treble and bass making it as one of the most important component in headphones. 4 drivers are decent to be put in a headphone for optimum sound quality. But according the requirement like DJ’s uses headphones having 6 or more drivers. Drivers enhance the cost of headphones but boost up the quality.

Power Ratings: These factor is quite useful in deciding the life of any headphone. Maximum power listed on fancy package of headphone is the limit of power that headphone can handle. Using headphones on low volumes can help in increasing their lifetimes.

I hope this Gyan  helped you. Do write back to us if you any doubts or issues with the content.
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