Hackerrank 30 days of code Java Solution: Day 1 Data types

Complete the code in the editor below. The variables i, d, and s are already declared and initialized for you. You must declare 3 variables: one of type int, one of type double, and one of type String. Then you must read 3 lines of input from stdin and initialize your 3 variables. Finally, you must use the ++ operator to perform the following operations:

Print the sum of i plus your int variable on a new line.
Print the sum of d plus your double variable to a scale of one decimal place on a new line.
Concatenate s with the string you read as input and print the result on a new line.
Note: If you are using a language that doesn’t support using ++ for string concatenation (e.g.: CC), you can just print one variable immediately following the other on the same line. The string provided in your editor must be printed first, immediately followed by the string you read as input.

Input Format

The first line contains an integer, i.
The second line contains a double, d.
The third line contains a string, s.

Output Format

Print the sum of both integers on the first line, the sum of both doubles on the second line, and then the two concatenated strings on the third line.

Sample Input

is the best place to learn and practice coding!

Sample Output

HackerRank is the best place to learn and practice coding!

Thank you for reading :).


  1. I don’t understand the lines
    String str=scan.nextLine();

    I know that we have to use scan.nextLine() to read string input.

    But why you used it twice because it really matters I’ve spent more than half hour for this problem and thanks to you for the solution

    • Hi Avinash, This is probably Hackerrank is giving an extra line seperator between the nextDouble and String input. The code would have worked fine without extra nextLine(),if the parameter are given in same line separated by space,Check here http://ideone.com/cxH2yF. nextLine() actually buffers the input till the line separator and shows the result. Hope it helps 🙂

  2. Dude, you must have recorded, the youtube videos, for that course, you explain pretty straightforward,and clear, instead, for me find the information and how to solve the challenge, i felt really lost.

    P.D. There is not substitute for hard work, so it is just to analize it and trying to doit for myself

    P.D. 2, I’m thinking when i finish the “challenge” oit it aain and the third time whit javascript

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