Java Interview Questions you never thought off

There is no question every one wants to crack the interview and therefore the preparation must begin with very basics of the topic. Many a times we must have used these concepts(which I am about to mention below) in our day to day java programming but have ignored the deep understanding of it. The few question mentioned below would really test your java skills and would force you to doubt on your Java knowledge.
So get ready for some Googling 😉

  • What is JDK and How does JDK works.
  • What is JRE, JDK and JVMWhat exactly is meant by Platform independence ?
  • How does Java program run?
  • What is difference between StringBuffer and String Object.
  • Why java does not implement multiple inheritance ?
  • How is data hiding implemented in Java. Give one real time scenario of its usage.
  • What is object lock and class lock ?
  • What is the difference between Synchronized and static synchronized methods ?
  • How does Exceptional Handling works in Java ?
  • What is POJO? Why it is used ?
  • Difference between error and exceptions
  • How does HashMap works ?
  • How to sort list of objects ?

I hope this really had given you some realty check. Answers to these will be coming soon :).

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