Apple iOS 10 beta Review for iPhone

iOS 10 public beta First Look

The iOS 10 beta version is public for the iphone and ipad users.The first look seems very refreshing in comparison to the previous iOS versions.
There are lot of new functionalities added as promised by Apple with completely new design. The first thing after installation of iOS 10 that you will notice is the “Swipe to Unlock” feature is no more there. “Yes” you heard it right . Though initially it seems to be a difficult change to accept but it gradually sinks in.

You can sign up Apple Beta iOS 10 to download and install the iOS 10. Make sure to take backup of you device before installation.

Feature of iOS 10

Press Home button to Unlock

As I mentioned earlier “Swipe to Unlock” feature has been removed and now, pressing home button will help you to bypass the Touch Id sensor,or inserting the lock code after home button press.
This would require certain time to get accustomed.

Raise to wake

No more button press to see the time or notification on your iPhone, As soon as you raise or move the iPhone the screen will lit up; and to close the light, simply move the iPhone away. This effect can be seen in iPhone6S and later.This feature will find its use specially at night time, as we no longer have to hover the lock/volume button to lit it up the screen.

Additional Alarm features


Default alarm application now gives you more flexibility to set alarm and daily bed time reminders. Health app would use your bed time information for further health analysis.

New Control center


You will be surprised, as soon as you swipe your iPhone from the bottom. The totally new control center interface with multiple swipe option is given.Though the options remains the same except the addition of night mode and separate music panel.The panel is more spacious with shortcuts for flashlight,stopwatch, calculator and camera.

Better lock screen and Notification Panel


Biggest change with iOS 10 is the enhancement of notification panel.Lot of widgets can be added which are easily visible through notification panel and by left swiping through the lock screen. The third party applications will come up with widget support through which you can see lot of information without unlocking the iPhone.
Widgets like weather information and event notification, call favorites and photos all can be seen through notification panel.


iMessage has been enhanced,you can now send your location with a tap, larger and more third party emoji s are supported now. You can now send hand written messages in different colors.

Contact interface

Contact interface has been made more simple and better design.


Photo app has been modified for better grouping. It will auto categorize the photos among people by face detection.Now you can create videos based on the photographs within few seconds.

Remove Default Apple apps

Last but not the least, now you can delete the apple built in apps with ease.

Overall iOS 10 will change the look and feel of your device.
Hope you like my first ever software product review. Thanks and Cheers.

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