SAP Fiori

  • In Today’s world everything is user and more mobile friendly, so SAP also moving there application on mobile and making it user friendly and easily accessible.

SAP Fiori: A collection of SAP mobile enabled application.

Types of Fiori Application:

  • Transactional
  • Fact Sheet
  • Analytical

Transactional : Transactional  App runs on all DB and Business Suite-HANA

Fact Sheet : These types of app requires a HANA DB. It is used to display the companies master data and important information.

Analytical : These apps also requires a HANA DB as its provide the more manipulated and processed data real time data. Also these apps are called as Smart Business cockpit.

Lets talk about the Architecture of SAP fiori Application.

At the Top of the architecture we have UI5 Application which talks to the web dispatcher (Web dispatcher is used for the load balancing). Then we see there a is proxy firewall, In some companies due to security standards a firewall is placed in between the SAP NW Gateway and dispatcher.

we have Odata services on the top which is responsible for the bringing the data to the end user, when user fetches data in their mobile,tab or web GUI ,It is odata service which plays role and talks to the SAPNW Gateway.  And at the end we have the backend server. And mode of communication between frontend (NW gateway) and backend server (It is main source of  data ,It can be ECC,SRM…)is RFC. We have dedicated trusted RFC’s in between those two system.

However we can also use only one system rather than using the HUB architecture, However it is recommended to use this model.

Please refer to the below URL for all the transnational app.

Fiori app detail.

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